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Child Therapy or Family TherapyChild therapy


Play Therapy can help your child:

Identify and cope with feelings

Enhance self confidence and competence

Reduce anxiety about challenging life events

Develop skills to promote appropriate behavior

Younger children have fewer coping skills and less control over their environment. Early in their child development stages, they are less able to verbalize emotional problems and consequently do not know how to show their distress. It can come out in indirect ways such as poor behavior.  We as parents often see the “acting out” or power struggles as problems with sleeping, eating issues, disrespect, ignoring personal safety and sometimes even express emotional difficulties as physical complaints like “tummy aches”.

Play Therapy offers your child the opportunity to identify, discuss and understand the emotions that create their internal distress.  Next we process those emotions and create appropriate tools and skills, in age appropriate ways, so they can manage the internal and external conflicts that are their struggles.  

Every time I read your progress reports I just want to cry.  My daughter has expressed how much she enjoys her sessions with you.   She is only eight, yet recognizes that your sessions have helped with her anxiety and says that she notices a difference in her life.   I really did not know how she would view the whole processes of therapy when we started out.  I am so glad it has turned out to be a positive experience for her  - dare I say even fun?
                                                                                                                                                              - A Bellevue Mom


Therapy with Young Children

As your child works their way through their child development stages, children learn best using a mixture of techniques involving play and direct teaching because these are already familiar avenues for a young child to experience an adult.  Through the therapeutic use of play, children are given the opportunity to express their feelings naturally, and safely which then enables the healing process to begin.  Combined with direct teaching, your child can develop skills to promote appropriate behavior to problem solve, make good decisions and control their impulses.

 Teens and TherapyTherapy with Tweens & Teens

Adolescents are often more self conscious at the beginning of therapy yet soon find it a place to focus on themselves free from the pressures of family and friends.  This allows them the chance to explore and understand their feelings.  Once they can feel more clear about what is causing them stress, together we can practice new skills and try out new solutions to old problems.


Child or Family Therapy?

I approach child therapy in different ways, depending on what your child is struggling with right now.  Sometimes the child may respond best in individual therapy, where they have the time and space, apart from the family, to work on issues that may be getting in the way of their development.  Other times problems are worked out best when all members join in for family therapy sessions so we can all work together.  Often a combination of these works best.

Parent Coaching

The therapeutic work we do together can also provide the opportunity to address parental concerns and allow me to coach you in meeting your child’s unique needs in an age appropriate, effective fashion.  This may include education to grow a greater understanding of your child’s developmental needs in conjunction with the situation.  It may be working together to create some new parenting techniques so you feel better equipped and more confident. Read more about parent coaching.

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