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Dads have their own set of challenges.


Coaching for DadDads need support toos

Dads are Vital

Parenting is all about building a secure and loving bond with your child so they can feel safe enough to learn about the world.  Research undeniably proves that a dad who takes the time and energy to truly connect with each of their children, nurture a child who is more confident and emotionally secure.  These are the essential traits for establishing social relationships and helping children grow the courage and tenacity to pursue their own goals. 

Research also shows that children who have quality time with their dads are more likely to show benefits emotionally, socially, and academically than those with dads who are not emotionally present.  Your paternal instincts balance and support mom’s maternal ones.  When a child misses the experience of bonding with their father, they struggle to learn how to be in a relationship with a man or how to be man in our society.  Ideally it is with the combined efforts of both mom and dad that cultivate an environment in which your children thrive.

What about divorced dads?Dad and daughter

Quality time can be especially hard for dads who are single parents or are divorced.  As a Parenting Coach I help dads forge an authentic relationship with their children, avoiding the "Disneyland Dad" phenomenon that often creeps into a relationship with the built-in time limits of a joint parenting plan.

The most difficult part of a divorce or custody dispute is to stay focused and on task. You still have to live, work; take care of yourself and your children. Divorce and custody disputes can cause tremendous tension for any parent, leaving you emotionally pained, disheartened and feeling very alone.  Fortunately you can learn how to handle this stress and realize you can control how you react.  How you respond to the events with your children is key to making the best decisions for your family and maximum progress in your new life.

Coaching tailored to you

Together we will identify your goals and create a plan to reach them.  We can clarify what is important to you, create time for those priorities, plan for making changes to bring this vision into your life and help you stay focused on those priorities.

Here are some places where my clients often find solutions through coaching:

  • Understanding how fathers impact their child's developmental periods.

  • Balancing career and family demands to maximize quality time.

  • Learning the different parenting styles can be complementary.

  • Communicating in ways that nurture your relationship with your children.

  • Disciplining effectively by setting limits, consequences and being consistent.

  • Collaborating more effectively with your spouse or your children’s mother.

  • Maintaining a romantic relationship with your spouse in the midst of parenting.

  • Growing the father-child bond with sons and daughters.

Everyone needs “back up” now and then. As your Parent Coach, I can be that back up so you can reach your potential as a father and help your children do the same.  Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about how Parent Coaching can do this for you.  Or, schedule an appointment today.