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Moms have lots of challenges on their way to building their family vision.


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Mom – xiety vs Mom- esteem

Is he independent enough given his age?
Did I nurse them long enough?
Is this the right school?
Am I too strict, not strict enough?
Should I still let her sleep in my bed?
Is it normal that he still has tantrums at seven?

Being a mother is hard, period. The decisions are endless and can toss even the most stable and organized of us into daily moments of indecision and crisis. There are the worries about safety and reaching milestones, comparisons to other kids the same age, trying to balance being a playful mom with being a responsible adult.  We reflect back on our day and see all the things we would have liked to have done differently: I shouldn’t have yelled, I need to plan dinner better, why are they always fighting together, homework is a nightmare what do I do?

Mom-guilt lurks around every corner.  All these worries can let anxiety creep into our lives; mom-xiety. Anxious parents create anxious children.

It’s time to stop trying to acquire perfection and get back to our instincts. It’s time to stop questioning, criticizing, and judging, and just be the best mom’s that we can be. It’s time to show our children that we believe in ourselves, and that we also believe in them.   Otherwise the people who truly lose in all of this are our children.

It’s time to start parenting without mom-xiety.

Parent Coaching will help you grab a hold of your fading mom-esteem and re-introduce you to the capable, confident, creative and Mom you know you can be.  Schedule an appointment and let’s get started today.