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 Frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take insurance?
Each provider is different.  Leah is in network for Premera, Lifewise, and First Choice Health Network. This also means most Blue Cross plans consider her in-network. Csilla is not in-network, however some companies such as Premera and Lifewise cover her at the same rate. If your provider is out-of-network, upon payment you will receive a detailed receipt that you can use to file a claim with the insurance company.

How do I choose a therapist?
First, check credentials and experience to ensure that the therapist has the necessary skills and relevant expertise. Talk with the therapist to evaluate whether you are a good match.  Studies show it is actually the relationship between the therapist and the client that is the most important element of success rather than the type of therapy offered by the therapist.

Will I fill out any forms on my first visit?
Yes. You will need to complete a disclosure form required by the department of health, contact information, insurance information if applicable and sign a copy of our HIPAA form
. Click here to see the forms.

How can therapy help my child?

Therapy can provide a safe place to express uncomfortable feelings with a neutral adult that is not involved in the emotions of the family.  A child has a chance to process through these feelings and learn skills to master their reactions and responses to their feelings.


What is play therapy and how does it work?
Adults can talk through their thoughts and feelings, but children have not yet developed those cognitive and emotional skills. Instead, children use play to explore or express what they are feeling inside.  Our job is to create a safe space for the child where the child directs the play.  It is during this play that the child has the opportunity to be in control over a situation that reflects one they probably have no control over in real life.  By playing through their experiences they process their feelings.  If it is helpful and relevant sometimes we can help parents take a glimpse into the child's struggle as we describe their play experience.

Is family therapy part of my child's therapy?
Definitely.  We generally recommend meeting alone with parents for the first session.  When we do play therapy with younger children we encourage parents to stay in the therapy room until the child says that they are ready to be in there alone.  Once a child is comfortable being alone, we’ll check in with parents for a few minutes at the beginning of each therapy hour.  At other times we may have separate family therapy sessions

Are you a child psychologist or psychiatrist?
Our providers are Master level Psychotherapists. Leah is also a PCI Certified Parent Coach®.  We specialize solely in therapy.   You may find that some psychologists tend to do more testing than therapy, and psychiatrists are medical doctors whom you would see for medication and some also do therapy.  Some families only feel that they need the services of a therapist, but others see all three:  a therapist weekly, a psychologist for very thorough diagnosis, and then also a psychiatrist for medication management. 

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