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 Stop feeling overwhelmed and say hello to joyful parenting!

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Do you feel overwhelmed and alone as a parent?

Are you tired of never having guilt free time for yourself?

Have you run out of tools to manage your child’s behavior?

Are you about done with being the bad guy with your kids?


Parenthood can feel strangely lonely at times.  Today we know more about healthy child development, so we know how important it is that we are present and engaged with our children.  Yet we also have more demands at work or our partners do, and they are not available to help.  Maybe we are too far from our own family to get help or a self-care break or we face the scheduling and emotional challenges of a child living between two households.  All this leads to us feeling overwhelmed and without someone to share the burden, we feel alone in the responsibility of raising our children well.

Good News: You don’t have to do this alone!

As a Parent Coach, I believe you already have the wisdom to be an amazing parent!  Surprised? Don’t be.   What I see time and time again is that the wisdom you already possess has just gotten lost in managing the chaos of your everyday life.  Let’s face it; it’s pretty hard to be able to hear one’s inner voice of guidance in the middle of all the noise and drama of the busy and pressured lives that we lead.

What Does a Certified Parent Coach Do?

My role is to help you dig up the wisdom and resources that will help you create a path to your ideal family life.  This is already inside you.  Yes, it’s there!  Together we’ll combine your personal knowledge and family expertise with my own strengths in child development, behavior and family dynamics.  We will throw in some new parenting tips and techniques, maybe a fresh view of a situation and together we’ll navigate this wonderful, crazy, loving family life of yours.  Take a deep breath.  You are not alone!  Together we will have you feeling more connected with your children, we’ll fill up your tool box of strategies and believe it or not, you’ll have more energy at the end of the day.

Then Imagine your life a few months from now  :::cue the harp::: 

You have . . .

- Less guilt when you take a moment to relax

- Plugged all the energy drains so you can keep more energy for yourself

- Tools to address the next “new” behavior

- Only a fading memory of all the old repetitive power struggles, phew!

- Time & space to be responsive to your child’s behavior instead of reactive

- Skills to make consequences the bad guy, not you 

- Confidence to allow your children to learn by making affordable mistakes

- More fun with your children, and maybe most importantly . . .

- Rediscovered the joy of parenting!


Ready for help? 

You don’t have to be alone. 

As a successful parent coach I know that parents call me because they want immediate relief.  When my coaching parents apply a few key tools they start to find that relief fast.  Then parents have the time and energy so that together we can create and implement their plan to bring back the joy of parenting or even discover it for the first time.

Parent Coaching is most frequently done over the phone giving me the chance to work with you no matter where you are in the country.  However; if you're local, I also have an office in Bellevue where we can meet in person and work closely toward your goals. 

Call today to learn more about how we can help you get back in control of being a parent.  Email me here or call 425-417-5902 today.

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