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Everyone needs backup, even parents!

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Parent Coaching

Support for today's busy parents


Parent Coaching

These days being effective parents together with your partner takes communication and teamwork.  However, while you are both so busy managing the daily routine it is hard to also make time to reflect, dream, set goals and implement that long range plan.  Behavior issues, developmental issues, learning issues, all these can make being a parent incredibly challenging.  Where do you turn?  Parent Coaching is a supported process to help you manage those challenges and still realize the dreams you have for your family.  Learn more about Parent Coaching.

Coaching for Dads

In traditional families, dad may be relegated to bringing home the bacon and taking over the kids at night. That might describe you, but it also might be far from reality.  Today's families can look quite different and bring all sorts of new challenges for a Dad trying to be the best father he can, including behavioral, logistical, emotional, etc. Coaching for Dads, albeit dads in the family, going through divorce or divorced dads, is about helping Dad figure out his role, be more effectively attentive to the children and manage the partner relationship, irrespective of what that might look like.  Learn more about Coaching for Dads.

Coaching for Moms

Mom may be playing the traditional mother role, she might be playing a role reversal, or she might be a single mom facing the world alone each day.  Either way, sometimes moms need back up too.  Irrespective of whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a corporate mom, Coaching for Moms can help you recognize where your energy is draining, get help with those developmental phases, and be able to strategize ways to manage the challenging issues of mother-hood, including finding time for yourself.  Learn more about Coaching for Moms.

Coaching for Parents in Transition

As if life can't be difficult enough, sometimes it tosses us a whopper.  Separation, Divorce, death, illness, job changes, dealing with developmental issues in our children or ourselves, any of these can impact how we feel about ourselves and who we are as parent.  All can be places where we get stuck.  Working with a blend of parent coaching and therapy, I can help you find that positive parenthood role and get back on track to taking care of yourself and moving life forward.  Learn more about Parenthood in Transition.

Child Therapy

Maybe you heard from your child's teacher, used your last straw, or perhaps you are concerned about something going on with your child.  Children, tweens, and teenagers all struggle with understanding their world and expressing their needs.  This is even more difficult when there is a something like anxiety, a learning issue or sensory problem underneath.  Child centered therapy, such as play therapy, is a way for your child to get back on track to building their life's foundation.  Learn more about Child Therapy.

Family Therapy

Sometimes getting the family together to be able to have those important conversations are very healing.  We offer family therapy to help bring your family together to better communicate.  Learn more about family therapy.