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 How to help your child become comfortable with the idea of therapy

Preparing for the First Visit

How do I tell my child about an upcoming visit to a therapist?Preparing your child for therapy

You may be concerned that your child may become upset and confused since it is not particularly natural for a child to talk about their thoughts and feelings with a stranger.  Be honest with your child and explain why your child or your family has chosen to go to therapy.  We will be talking about this during our time together so it is a good idea to prepare your child.

One thing to consider is that for some children, the only other time you make an appointment for your child to see an adult is when they visit a doctor.  Your child may confuse the idea therapy with a visit to a doctor and the fear may come from their uncomfortable experience with doctor’s exams and shots.  Be reassuring that this visit will be about playing and talking with a therapist.  Therapists help children and families solve problems.  Some children appreciate knowing that the family will be working together on the problem.

Teenagers like to be reassured that everything spoken about in the therapy office will remain confidential and will not be shared with their school administrators, parents or doctors if they are over the age of thirteen without their permission.  I will discuss with your teen exceptions to this law such as thoughts on harming others or themselves.